APEC is a forum that brings together governments and businesses in the Asia-Pacific region to promote free and open trade.

On 19–20 November, Malaysia will host the APEC CEO Dialogues, a 24-hour virtual program in lieu of the traditional APEC CEO Summit. This year’s meeting will convene around the theme of APEC Re-imagined: Priorities in the Aftermath of COVID-19. To view the full program and request an invitation to participate, please visit our website.

In addition, this page is intended as a platform for thought leadership on the issues and themes of greatest importance to the APEC community. We invite you to also follow, engage and share your ideas throughout the APEC CEO Dialogues on social media:

By Eric S Mosher

Courtesy of APEC CEO Dialogues Malaysia 2020

How will the Asia-Pacific region — and the world — respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic?

What will COVID-19 mean for sustainable growth and social inequalities within Asia-Pacific Economies?

When will a vaccine be ready and how will companies and governments distribute it to people around the world?

How will the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement affect trade and economics in the Asia-Pacific region?

What will the incoming Biden administration mean for future U.S. involvement in the region?

These are just a handful of the questions and urgent priorities explored during the APEC…

By Diane Brady

This story was originally reported in 2019 in advance of the APEC CEO Summit scheduled to take place last November in Santiago, Chile. It has been updated to reflect new information and statistics where possible.

Illustration by Felipe Vargas

At a basic level, the health of any economy can be measured in two ways. The first is to follow the money, tallying up the total value of all the goods and services that make up the gross domestic product (GDP) or flow across borders through trade. The second measure is harder to quantify but no less important: the level of hope.

Content reposted from CEO Summit Journal, prepared for APEC 2019 convening. This year’s virtual event will take place 19–20 November, hosted by Malaysia. Visit our website to request an invitation.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Employers and educators identify cross-cultural understanding as a critical 21st century skill that people will need to tackle future problems. Training and developing people and organizations with skills, insights, behaviors and respect for cross-cultural differences so they can work together is more important than ever.

Global competence has become the skill set necessary for young people to address global challenges in the proper way. These are the values, attitudes and…

By Roi Ben-Yehuda

The pandemic and resulting economic downturn have amplified the importance of cooperation and collaboration to tackle the challenges ahead. But working toward consensus inevitably means encountering disagreement. In this piece, Roi Ben-Yehuda, a lecturer on conflict resolution and negotiation at Columbia University, shares research on conflict intelligence led by his colleague, Peter Coleman.

“Conflict is here in the world, as we cannot avoid it, we should use it. Instead of condemning it, we should set it to work for us.” — Mary Parker Follett (1868–1933)

1. Self-knowledge: The ancient injunction to “know thyself” is at the heart…

Michele Wucker, the author who coined the term “gray rhino” to describe obvious dangers that are often ignored, believes COVID-19 has revealed that policymakers fell far short in preparing to counter a pandemic, despite countless warnings from the public health community.

Like climate change, the pandemic was an obvious gray rhino, not a surprise black swan — a term used to describe an unpredictable event — Wucker said. …

By Robin Blumenthal

This story was originally reported in 2019 in advance of the APEC CEO Summit scheduled to take place last November in Santiago, Chile. It has been updated to reflect new information and statistics where possible.

The Bolero PV solar plant in the copper-rich Atacama Desert, one of the largest solar plants operating in Chile.

There may not be political consensus on the issue of climate change, but the global push toward sustainability hasn’t been lost on the mining sector. …

Technology has been transforming the workplace for years, but the shrinking labor market caused by the COVID-19 pandemic illuminates the urgent need for governments and the private sector to form powerful partnerships to create a diverse and skilled pool of talent.

The following is a conversation between Lorraine Hariton, CEO of Catalyst, a nonprofit that works with leading organizations to advance women in the workplace, and Mona Mourshed, CEO of Generation, a nonprofit that focuses on recruiting, training and placing disconnected learners in jobs. …

APEC CEO Dialogues

APEC CEO Dialogues is Asia Pacific’s premier meeting of business and government leaders. This year’s virtual event will take place on November 19–20.

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